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New challenge in the mobility sector: Zagreb Bus Station

Group B3, consisting of Erkon Ltd and Vallis Consulting Ltd, was selected as the developer of the Feasibility study with an analysis of the current status and potentials of the Zagreb Bus Station development. Zagreb Bus Station is one of the most important traffic hubs in Zagreb, with over 5 million passengers a year and…
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Cyclurban: Analysis and Recommendations for the Development of Cycling in the City of Velika Gorica

The Society for Sustainable Development Design (DOOR) and the City of Velika Gorica, as partners within the international Cycleurban project, aim to promote cycling as a measure for achieving sustainable urban mobility and climate change mitigation in seven cities of different EU countries (Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia). One of the project…
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Merging the Split: Converting Spaces to Places

The conference „Merging the Split: Converting Spaces to Places“, held on 25thand 26thof April, proved to be „a totally different conference“. By gathering many distinguished panellists, discussing various urban topics within the irreplaceable architectural and urban environment of Split and primarily – by attracting active and genuinely interested international and national participants, this event has…
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