Cyclurban: Analysis and Recommendations for the Development of Cycling in the City of Velika Gorica

The Society for Sustainable Development Design (DOOR) and the City of Velika Gorica, as partners within the international Cycleurban project, aim to promote cycling as a measure for achieving sustainable urban mobility and climate change mitigation in seven cities of different EU countries (Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia). One of the project results are the recommendations and measures for the local authorities with the aim of improving the current state of cycling, primarily through re-design of the public policies, which was also done for the City of Velika Gorica (Croatia). Therefore, through the cooperation with Erkon Ltd, a document Analysis and Recommendations for the Development of Cycling in the City of Velika Gorica was developed and presented to the public.

The purpose of the analysis was to identify all external and internal influences that have a negative or stimulating effect on the uptake of bicycle use in daily urban mobility. Based on the identified facts, guidelines (proposals for measures) appropriate to the local context have been defined, the implementation of which will reduce or eliminate the shortcomings and build on the existing advantages.

It was concluded that the City of Velika Gorica has significant potential when it comes to the development of cycling, and the initiatives and activities undertaken so far already yielded some positive impact on the quality of life of citizens. However, to achieve significant improvement, a systematic approach to planning, implementing and monitoring the development of cycling / sustainable mobility is required, where citizens’ participation in the planning process could significantly contribute to the sustainability of plans and decisions, having in mind that the planning / building infrastructure is NOT the only success factor in the urban cycling development.

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