New challenge in the mobility sector: Zagreb Bus Station

Group B3, consisting of Erkon Ltd and Vallis Consulting Ltd, was selected as the developer of the Feasibility study with an analysis of the current status and potentials of the Zagreb Bus Station development.

Zagreb Bus Station is one of the most important traffic hubs in Zagreb, with over 5 million passengers a year and 500 buses operating daily. The station is in very poor condition and the continuous operation of the facility is threatened. Therefore, limited interventions will be required in the short term to maintain a minimum level of service so as not to adversely affect the distribution of modes of transport in the Zagreb Urban Agglomeration. This task is aimed at these short-term interventions, which would allow the terminal to function properly for at least 7 years.

The Study needs to identify the current state of the Zagreb Bus Station and at the same time to identify problems and needs that can be addressed through EU funding. The Study, together with the associated cost benefit analysis (CBA), will ultimately determine the eligibility of the project from an environmental, technological, financial and economic point of view and confirm the project ‘s readiness, maturity, sustainability and cost – effectiveness.

Considering that this is the most important bus terminal in the country, we are proud and excited about the challenges that await us.

Photo: Author Silverije – Vlastito djelo postavljača, CC BY-SA 4.0,