Strategic planning

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” (Dwight D. Eisenhower)
A strategy is a roadmap towards the realisation of your vision. Therefore, we take it very seriously and advise our clients to do the same. In spite of the frequent misbelief that the strategic document is “carved into stone” or it is just a formality, we believe the opposite: high quality and flexible strategy can enable positive changes and open the door to growth and investments. Within our approach, we aim to create a logical and clear framework to the strategic planning in the public sector, thus enabling swift reaction to possible circumstantial changes, without jeopardising the strategic objectives and the vision itself.

We are specialised for public policy analysis and integrated development strategies which require an interdisciplinary approach. More specifically, we are skilled in strategies of sustainable urban mobility, low carbon development, cycling strategies, public transport and multimodality planning.

Project development and management

Projects are what we love most! We can help you with:
Turning your idea into a project, when all you have is an unstructured idea and lack of time to think it through.
Project development, when you need a more advanced and detailed plan, and you are not sure what to do next.
Finding financing for your project, when you know what you want but have no funds to get there.

Engage the key stakeholders and public, when your project requires it and you want to ensure the sustainability of your project.
Connecting with project partners, if you cannot implement your project alone.

Preparing the project documentation, if you need a feasibility study, cost – benefit analysis or technical documentation for the purpose of obtaining the building permits.
Manage project implementation, when the preparation was successfully carried out but you lack the resources to deal with the administration and monitoring yourself.
Provide technical advisory during the construction projects implementation, if you are looking for a professional who will look after your interest and assure a desired level of quality.

Construction projects

Our approach to construction projects is a result of a few decades of experience in developing technical designs and supervision on the site. The quality of the projects is visible through the accuracy of forecasted investment costs but also through the expected (and achieved) operation and maintenance costs and environmental impacts of buildings. These are all the elements we consider when we design or supervise for our clients.
The portfolio of real estate related services includes the preparation of technical designs for the construction, reconstruction or energy efficiency enhancement of buildings, bills of quantities calculation, real estate investments advisory, construction project management, existing buildings legalisation, energy efficiency certification…

Research and innovation development 

Innovations are generators of economic and social development. Therefore, they are supported by many financial instruments on the national and EU level. Innovations are not only related to technology, start-ups or big corporations, they are feasible in smaller and bigger business environments, in public and private sectors. If you want to improve an already existing process or a product (service) or if you aim to offer something entirely new, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

We are not only advisors, but also researchers. Contact us if you are searching for partners in order to prepare and implement your scientific research or you need support in some parts of already structured research (data collection, best practice analysis, innovation benchmarking etc.). We are especially interested in the cooperation with the academia.

Other services and initiatives

We want to be socially active and we believe that knowledge and information sharing can help to create a better life quality for the future generations. That is why we are constantly rethinking the way we plan and implement our business activities, soughting new ways to contribute to the overall development of knowledge and society.

If you are still not sure if we could help you, contact us with an inquiry.

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